Many Hitters Increasing Bat Speed By 4-5 Miles Per Hour

Many Young Hitters Increasing Bat Speed By 4-5 Miles Per Hour Written by Connor Powers, July 15, 2017Many Young Are Told They Cannot Increase Bat Speed. This Is One Of The Biggest Misconceptions In Hitting.The problem is that millions of young hitters have slow bat speed because they don’t understand how to use their hips, […]

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3 Places to Check For “Power Leaks” in Your Son’s Baseball Swing

I received a question from a Dead Red Hitting newsletter subscriber asking what he should do if his son is struggling with hitting for power. He pointed out that he hadn’t been striking out a ton, and was still making consistent contact. The pop just isn’t there. When I hear about this problem then here […]

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Baseball Showcases Basics Explained : What Pro Scouts and College Coaches Are Looking For At The Next Level

Summer showcases are critical opportunities for players to earn a college scholarship or impress a pro scout enough to hear their name on called draft day. Every showcase is a chance for players to display their most valuable skills they have to offer future coaches and professional organizations. Players are graded based on the 5 […]

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