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Discover The 5 Step Blueprint Any Hitter Can Use to Increase Batting Average, Home Runs, and RBI.
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Step 1

The Secrets Behind Effortless Power
Rhythm Hitting Drills

  • Eliminate Bat Wraps and Casting With One Simple Drill
  • Learn The Mechanical Position Every Hitter Needs To Be In To Consistently Crush Line Drives.  
  • Remove Tension and Add Bat Speed With One Simple Swing Thought
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Step 2

How to Crush Off-Speed Pitches Even When The Batter Is Completely Fooled
Direction Hitting Drills

  • Learn One Simple Drill To Prevent The Shoulder and Hip From Pulling Off The Ball
  • How To Use The Lower Half to Keep The Barrel In The Hitting Zone For As Long As Possible (Larger Margin of Error)
  • How to Let Weight Get On The Front Foot Without "The Dreaded Lunge"
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Step 3

How to Have Consistent Contact On The Barrel of The Bat
Bat Path Hitting Drills

  • The #1 Mistake Hitters Make With Their Swing Plane
  • How to develop MLB pattern bat path without confusing mechanics
  • Why the design of the baseball should force batters to hit the inside half of the baseball 
  • Skyrocket every batters confidence from feeling and hearing the ball come off the sweet spot of the bat.  
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Step 4

How to Boost Power & Efficiency In Any Batters Swing
Power Hitting Drills 

  • How to maximize power from weight transfer and timing
  • The #1 mistake hitters make with their hips when trying to "create" more power
  • How to use the entire body, especially the lower half, to maximize bat speed & power
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Step 5

Learn How Any Batter Can Prepare Their Swing to Dominate Every Opposing Pitcher They Face
Front Toss Hitting Drills

  • One simple drill that shows how to "keep your weight back" on every curve, slider, or change.  No more lunging on the off-speed stuff
  • Develop the ability to hit the baseball to any part of the field on command
  • How to crush every pitch in any spot of the hitting zone without making any changes to your swing mechanics
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The High Performance Hitting Philosophy

Elminate overthinking and mental lapses at the plate when you learn this simple, easy to understand hitting philiosophy  

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The Swing Evaluation System

Know exactly what to look for on every swing to make sure you are taking high quality cuts in every practice session

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15 Minute Step By Step Getting Started Guide

An in-depth 15 minute video explaining to how to get the fastest results from The Dead Red Hitting System

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Home Run Fueling Diet Plan

Poor nutrition = poor results.  Diet is a critical piece to success that often goes ignored.  Learn the exact foods every batter should be eating to increase their power and performance at the plate

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Hand Eye Coordination Training System

4 simple exercises to improve hand eye coordination without ever leaving the house 

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7 Guarded Secrets to Hitting

7 secrets to hitting that will completely change the way you look at the baseball swing... forever

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