turning a mental concept into swing reality

Turning a Mental Concept Into Swing Reality

You’ve likely seen Mike Trout blasting an inside pitch if it hangs anywhere near the plate.   How does Mike Trout do this? … his hips go before his hands. This sounds like a simple concept, but for young hitters it can be tough for them to feel the separation in their body. They may […]

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What’s wrong with this swing?

We all know tee drills are great for working on specific skills. However, if you are practicing poor mechanics and don’t have a game like mentally it becomes wasted practice.   As you can see, a fancy pre-swing can only get you so far… and in all reality looks embarrassing with such a lead up […]

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Asher Willig… a 2-year-old prodigy?

You probably have already heard about Asher Willig. The 2-year-old son of former Minor Leaguer Cory Willig has had an early love of baseball and bomb dropping bat swinging. Asher has even faced a left-handed hitting A-Rod on The Tonight Show. They call Willig a prodigy, but I would argue that his fundamentals can be […]

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Parents: Read This If Your Son or Daughter Lacks Power

How These 3 Bat Speed Training Secrets Can Get Your Child Swinging With More Power in 30 Days Or Less – Without Spending Thousands On Hitting Lessons That You Aren’t Even Sure Will Work… – Without Having To “Hope & Pray” Their Travel Coaches Will “Figure It Out” – Without Having To Listen To The […]

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The Extra 7 Feet: Picking The Ball Up As Soon As Possible

Many Young Hitters Are Letting Meatball Fastballs Go By For Easy Strikes For One Big Reason Many young hitters let meatball fastballs go by for easy strikes for one big reason;  They are not picking the ball up early enough out of the pitcher’s hand. When the hitter does not pick the ball up early enough then […]

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11 Ways to Improve Your Power & Bat Speed

In this post you’ll find 11 different exercises that will help your son or daughter improve their power and bat speed.  Many young hitters struggle to generate bat speed because they do not understand how to use their body the correct way or train their body to produce the bat speed needed to compete at […]

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