Results Not There? Swing Analysis Could Be For You

Most hitters are a few small adjustments away from getting back on track. Oftentimes hitters are struggling with timing, poor contact, inconsistency, too many ground balls, not hitting the ball hard enough, etc.

These problems are usually symptoms of a mechanical flaw in the swing that can be addressed and fixed relatively quickly. Video analysis is extremely effective in helping hitters get back on track.

The Professional Mentality

Many kids say that they want to make their varsity team, play in college, or even play professionally. I've found that most don't fully understand the level of dedication and sacrifice it takes to be an elite player. In this video, I share a brief story that highlights the importance of drive, determination, and perseverance.


Meet Coach Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Division 1 Standout and professional baseball player. After he finished his minor league career with the San Diego Padres he set out to help as many hitters reach their goals that he could.

He started in 2012 and has helped over 50,000 parents, players, and coaches who have come to this site seeking information in the form of videos, articles, hitting drills, and digital training programs.

He created this site in hopes of fostering a positive learning environment for all parents, players, and coaches to come and learn.

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Simple Baseball & Softball Hitting Drill For Timing

By Connor Powers | April 28, 2021

Hitters struggling with timing isn’t anything out of the ordinary, especially at the beginning of a season. Because of the individualized nature of timing I look at timing as a skill each hitter needs to develop through a set of exercises or skill developing activities like the drill from the video above. This hitting drill…