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Too many times I've seen young players turn away from the game of baseball because they struggle when they step into the batter’s box. They love the game, but can't deal with the failure of continually making outs while their teammates rip doubles in the gap and extra base hits at will.

The solution, an athlete motivated for success needs high quality training.  Thus, through Dead Red Hitting it remains my mission to provide the training resources every hitter needs to become a force in the batter’s box and reach their highest level of potential.

- Coach Powers

How I Can Lead Your Athlete to a Hitting Breakthrough

Online Training Programs

Do you want to learn how to increase bat speed?  Build the right swing fundamentals?  I have incredible programs ready for both beginners and advanced hitters.

Camps & Lessons

I'm all over the country bringing Dead Red Hitting to a town near you. Find out where I'll be next...

Success Stories From Around The United States

Pat McLaughlin From North Carolina After Coming To Work With Coach Powers

Luke Palmer Went From 0 Home Runs to 10 Home Runs In One Season Of Training With Coach Powers

Allie Snook Signing A Scholarship To Play at South Dakota University

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