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3 Places to Check For “Power Leaks” in Your Son’s Baseball Swing - Dead Red Hitting

3 Places to Check For “Power Leaks” in Your Son’s Baseball Swing

I received a question from a Dead Red Hitting newsletter subscriber asking what he should do if his son is struggling with hitting for power. He pointed out that he hadn’t been striking out a ton, and was still making consistent contact. The pop just isn’t there. When I hear about this problem then here are the first three places I check.

1. Separation

IMG_0696 Is there enough separation in the swing? I like to talk about creating a “slingshot” in your baseball swing. As the foot moves forward then the hands should move back. There are multiple ways to create separation, but that is the most common and easiest to understand. There should be separation in the lower half as well as separation between the hands and the body. The separation in the swing creates a “slingshot” type mechanism which creates power and snap in the swing. If the hitter doesn’t have separation then there won’t be any power.

2. The Hips

IMG_0697 Using the hips the correct way in the swing is arguably the most important piece to harness and create power in the swing. The most common mistake hitters make is opening up the hips too soon. This causes bat speed to decrease and forces the bat to move out of the hitting zone. In other words – you are losing power and you are losing the ability to make consistent contact. Power always comes back down to squaring the baseball up first, and then adding bat speed. We call that precision bat speed.

3. Swing Direction

IMG_0698 When I refer to direction of the swing I am talking about where the hitter “throws” their energy during their swing. The legs and the hips control the direction of the swing. A simpler way to put it is the hips lead the hands, and then the hands follow. The hips need to be rotating and driving back towards the middle of the field for maximum power. We want to direct as much possible energy as we can starting from the ground up all the way through to the barrel of the baseball bat. We want the move with the hips to be quick, powerful, and explosive. If the hitter doesn’t control where he directs that explosion then he will lose power, ability to make consistent contact, and increase strikeouts. Hitters who have poor direction typically hit a lot of big hop ground balls and weak fly balls to the opposite field.

Looking For More?

I can check your son’s swing for you my video analysis service I offer. Normally it’s $99 for the service, but during the month of July you can actually name your price for the video analysis. That’s right – you can pick the price. All you have to do is simply send me an e-mail at and let me know how much you would like to pay for the service and we can get the ball rolling. I also highly recommend all parents who want to play a role in their son’s development as a hitter to enroll in The Elite Baseball Mentoring Program. The EBM program is not just for players. It’s for anyone who wants to educate themselves and learn the the step by step process the best hitters on the planet use for consistent success. Ramiro T from Texas signed up for The Elite Baseball Mentoring Program so he could learn how to improve his coaching for his two boys. Here’s what happened.

Trevino's Win State “My boys started the Dead Red Hitting Program May 15th 2015 and have been faithfully practicing the drills EVERY day. They are 12 year old twin boys and because of your program they both made the 2015 Little League All Star game and their travel team Kearney Titans Orange 12u won the USSSA State Championship this year and my boys made the USSSA All-Tournament Team. Their batting was in a major slump and I did not know what to do to help them until I saw your program online. One of my sons went from 7th batter in the travel team line up to STARTER and my other son went from 10th batter to 6th batter! Their improvement is due to Dead Red Hitting!” – Ramiro Trevino, Texas Baseball Dad

All members of The 6 Pillar Annual Training Program Program will be able to pay an annual fee and get access to all products on This includes the fundamentals of the swing, how to increase bat speed, an everyday practice plan, and more. The moment when you are watching your son round the bases after a long home run over the fence will be the moment you say to yourself, “Man, I am so happy I signed up for The 6 Pillar Annual Training program from Dead Red Hitting.”

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Keep Swinging,

Coach Powers




About the Author Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Professional Baseball Player (Padres Organization 2010-2013) who has a passion for teaching others how reach their goals in the game of baseball. Since 2012 Coach Powers he has had his YouTube videos viewed over 3.3 Million times and has over 24,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His specialties are maximizing bat speed, improving batting average, and taking hitters from average to elite.

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