3 Tips To Keep The Head As Still As Possible During The Baseball Swing

1.  Hold The Flex In The Back Knee During The Stride

Holding the flex, or bend, in the back knee is a simple way to prevent the head from moving up and down during the stride.  When a hitter maintains the flex/bend in their back knee then their head will stay on the same plane while they stride forward.

Their head will stay on the same plane which make it easier for the hitter to see the pitch, recognize the pitch, and make the best possible decision on if they should swing or not.

Here’s an example of Matt Holliday holding the flex in his back knee during the stride.

2.  Land Soft On Inside Part of The Front Foot

Landing soft and on the inside part of the front foot will prevent the lunge and keep the head centered in the body.

Landing soft on the inside part of the front foot also puts the hitter in a leveraged athletic position where they can swing with more power.

Here’s an example of Joe Mauer on the Twins landing on the inside part of his front foot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 6.40.27 PM




3.  Get to a Consistent Launch Position

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 6.41.30 PMThe launch position is one of the most if not the most position a hitter can put their body into. I divide the swing into two categories – The pre-swing and the swing. The pre-swing is everything that happens up to the launch position. The swing starts when the front heel of the hitter drops and engages into the ground.

The launch position is the position the hitter is in when they decide to swing the bat.

Here are some basics of things to look for in correct launch position.

  • Hands are over the mid line of the foot or behind it
  • A positive stride has been made
  • The bat is close to a 45 degree angle
  • The hands are off back shoulder
  • The hips are square
  • The front heel is off the ground

If you want to understand how the baseball swing works at a deeper level then you need to check out my ABC’s of The 5 Tool Hitter Program.  I cover all the fundamentals of the swing – starting with the grip of the bat and ending with the finish.

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Keep Swinging,

Coach Powers

About the Author Connor Powers

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