4 Hitting Drills That Add Power To Your Swing

#1: Thrown Bat Drill

•Start this exercise by delivering the barrel directly up the middle of the field

•Make sure your connected swing is solid to ensure that this exercise is completed correctly

#2: Hip Separation Drill

•Start with a practice band right around your ankles

•Place your stride foot directly beside the baseball in your batting stance

•Load your swing and stride while making sure your chest is square

•The key to this exercise is to stride with your hips

#3: Target Practice

•Pick an object as your target and place at the end of the cage

•This drill increases your swing accuracy and barrel control

#4: Around The World

• This exercise focuses on bat control


•If the ball is pitched on the outside part of plate aim for the opposite field

•If the ball is pitched down the middle aim for center field

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About the Author Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Professional Baseball Player (Padres Organization 2010-2013) who has a passion for teaching others how reach their goals in the game of baseball. Since 2012 Coach Powers he has had his YouTube videos viewed over 3.3 Million times and has over 24,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His specialties are maximizing bat speed, improving batting average, and taking hitters from average to elite.

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