Every Hitter Deserves To Perform At Their Highest Level

Coach Powers Resume:  


From an early age I fell in love with the game of baseball because of one simple reason. I absolutely loved watching the ball fly off my bat and clear the fence.

The exhilaration and excitement that instantly poured through my veins after I squared up a baseball was addicting.

I was fortunate to be born with the intuitive ability to square the baseball up with the sweet spot on my bat. Not ever hitter is so lucky.

Too many times I see young players turn away from the game of baseball because they struggle when they step into the batter's box.

They love the game, but can't deal with the failure of continually making outs while their teammates are ripping doubles in the gap and extra base hits at will.

My mission at Dead Red Hitting is to provide the resources every hitter needs in order to become a force in the batter's box and reach their highest level of potential.

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