Bat Speed, Power, and Consistency Hitting Drills


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Struggle with consistency? See how many line drives you can hit in a row to the back of the cage. Record it. Post it below in the comments. And try to break your record at the end of every hitting session. A few points here. 1. You can still take a consistent improper swing and hit the ball off the tee to the back of the net. That’s why I recommend using a blast motion sensor to track your path, attack angle, and connection. 2. This was something I did at the end of every session to try to put a little pressure on myself and see how my swing held up “under pressure.” The pressure we put on ourselves to perform usually far exceeds the pressure you perceive is placed on you from the game. 3. You can also work on the angle that you launch the ball at with tape or ropes on the cage. Although I don’t have any up on the cage in this video you can take colored tape and loop it through the cage to give rough estimates of your launch angle. Although it’s not the same as having a hittrax, flightscope, or Rhapsodo I know that everyone doesn’t have $4k-$20k laying around. 4. Consistently working on your swing and working on the “right” things to take you to the next level. The right things for each hitter can be subjective. What works for one hitter may not be as effective for another hitter. Find your path. Experiment. Test. And most of all when you get in the box be ready to compete. 5. Off-season training On the days when you don’t feel motivated to go to the cage or finish the last set in the weight room with max effort I encourage you to think about how sweet the taste of victory will be when the season comes around. Visualize yourself being in the big moment of the biggest game of the year and having success because of the hard work you put in during the off-season.

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