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turning a mental concept into swing reality

Turning a Mental Concept Into Swing Reality

You’ve likely seen Mike Trout blasting an inside pitch if it hangs anywhere near the plate.   How does Mike Trout do this? … his hips go before his hands. This sounds like a simple concept, but for young hitters it can be tough for them to feel the separation in their body. They may […]

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What’s wrong with this swing?

We all know tee drills are great for working on specific skills. However, if you are practicing poor mechanics and don’t have a game like mentally it becomes wasted practice.   As you can see, a fancy pre-swing can only get you so far… and in all reality looks embarrassing with such a lead up […]

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Asher Willig… a 2-year-old prodigy?

You probably have already heard about Asher Willig. The 2-year-old son of former Minor Leaguer Cory Willig has had an early love of baseball and bomb dropping bat swinging. Asher has even faced a left-handed hitting A-Rod on The Tonight Show. They call Willig a prodigy, but I would argue that his fundamentals can be […]

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