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DRH 2.0 - Dead Red Hitting

Unlock 30 Days of Proven Bat Speed Training When You Join DRH 2.0

Join The Thousands of Hitters Who Have Used Dead Red Hitting Training To Improve Their Bat Speed and Power

*Both Personal Records Achieved After 30 Days of Bat Speed Training.

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DRH 2.0: Timing, Bat Speed, Mechanics, Lower Half Power, and More Wrapped All Into A Daily Practice Plan Sent Directly To Your Inbox Every Day

Fact: There's Only One Way To Improve Your Skills - Consistent Hard Work On The Right Fundamentals

You know this is true if you’ve ever spent hours in the cage “perfecting” your son's swing, only to see everything fall apart once they get in the batter’s box with a live pitcher.

You think you’ve dialed-in their swing and then... BAM! After the first pitch, everything falls apart. That’s when you see:

  • Inconsistent Results...
  • Embarrassing strikeouts...
  • Weak foul-ball popups...

Frustrating, right?

But don’t worry.

DRH 2.0 will give your hitter everything they need to reach their full potential as a hitter. 

An important key to maximizing the development of young hitters is the ability to keep the hitter focused and engaged on what they are doing during their practice session.

Tracking and measuring their results is a key component of the DRH 2.0 practice plan.

How does it work exactly?  Glad you asked :)

Each morning your son will receive a daily detailed development plan that shows them the exact drills they should be using, how to do the drill correctly, the number of swings, a graded batting practice plan, as well as a daily challenge. 

Here's How DRH 2.0 Practice Plan Works

The DRH 2.0 practice plan is personalized to your hitter's age, goals, and the time of the year.

This personalized approach ensures that the hitting drills & exercises your son is using is perfect for his development.  

1.  Warm Up 

This may seem somewhat obvious, but I see hitters make so many mistakes when it comes to the warm up.  

The most common mistake is not warming up your fast twitch muscle fibers the correct way.  

When I was training for the World Long Drive Championships and reached a World Record Swing Speed of 156 MPH one of the most important keys to my performance was the way I warmed up my fast twitch muscle fibers

These are the muscle fibers that are responsible for making your swing explosive and powerful.

With DRH 2.0 you'll receive an e-mail every day that outlines the exact exercises you should be using to warm up to maximize bat speed and exit velocity. 

2.  Mechanics Work

It's important to work on the bread and butter of your fundamental mechanics every single day.

You may think your hitter has their "fundamental mechanics" down, but 95% of hitters who send their videos into me for analysis have serious flaws in their swing when it comes to what I call fundamental mechanics. 

When you join DRH 2.0 you'll know the exact hitting drills you should be using to work on your mechanics every single day.

When your fundamental mechanics are rock solid that means you'll be more confidence & consistency.

3.  Daily Skill Work

Each day I like to have hitters work on a specific hitting skill. 

Sometimes it's barrel control while other times it's really focusing on maximizing their power from the lower half. 

The game of baseball rewards the players who grind and work on their skills every single day.

4.  Challenge For The Day

At the end of every practice session I had during my college and professional career I would give myself a challenge.

Sometimes it was a simple challenge - hit as many line drives as I can out of my last 10 swings.

Others I would play target practice games where I would put a chair on a bottle and then try to knock the bottle off the chair.

5.  Mental Part of Hitting Work

Working on the swing is fun and tangible. 

Working on the mental part of hitting often goes overlooked and quite frankly it's not always clear exactly what that means.

In the practice plans you'll receive from DRH 2.0 I'll explain to you exactly what you should be working on to hone your jedi mind tricks when you're in the box :)

When you join DRH 2.0 you'll receive an e-mailed practice plan with this exact structure every single day of the week. 

Finally Perform In The Game Like You Do In The Cage When You Join DRH 2.0


  • Daily Practice Plan That Contains The Exact Hitting Drills Your Son Should Be Using Will Be E-mailed To Your Son Every Morning
  • Full Access To All Dead Red Hitting Training Programs (Over $500 in value)
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    Hitting Drills To Improve Reduce Strikeouts and Improve Consistency
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    Hitting Drills To Improve Bat Speed
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    Mental Videos To Improve Performance In Clutch Situations

DRH 2.0 +


  • Includes One Swing Analysis Per Month (Normally $99)
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    Daily Practice Plan That Contains The Exact Hitting Drills Your Son Should Be Using Will Be E-mailed To Your Son Every Morning
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    One Custom Practice Plan Per Month
  • Full Access To All Dead Red Hitting Training Programs (Over $500 in value)
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    Hitting Drills To Improve Consistency
  • check
    Hitting Drills To Improve Bat Speed
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    Mental Videos To Improve Performance In Clutch Situations

DRH 2.0 Is For You If:

  • You're looking for pro level and age specific detailed daily development plan for your son that he can use by himself while you're at work.

  • Your son loves baseball and wakes up every morning willing to put in the work to become an assassin a​t the plate, but he just doesn't know what he should be doing.

  • You have an incredibly busy schedule and don't have time to surf YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram hoping to find drills that will help your son become the best hitter he can possibly become. 

  • You want to see your son walk up to the plate with more confidence every single at bat.

  • You want your son to have more consistent results and become a solid, sound, feared hitter every time he steps into the batter's box. 

  • You want an engaging practice plan that gives your son a variety of drills that he should be using to stand out above his competition.

  • You want to create the opportunity for your son to play high school varsity baseball, college, and beyond if he so chooses.

  • You've been frustrated with his current training because it's not helping him maximize his potential.  You know he has untapped potential, but you haven't been able to figure out the right combination to unlock his potential.

  • You want the "monkey" off your back to be responsible for telling your son what to work on every single day to improve his plan.  You've done an incredible job, but you know that you can only take him so far.

  • You want your son to be following the latest training trends and continually improving as a hitter.

What Others Have To Say About Dead Red Hitting

Jim Abraham, 20 Year Baseball Coach & Umpire

“Don't listen to all the other ideas about hitting on the internet.  Connor Powers is the bat speed and hitting king.”

John Cohen,Former Head Coach and Current Athletic Director at Mississippi State

“What a great cerebral hitting mind and what a special coach. I actually subscribe to Dead Red Hitting.

He's a special person, special coach, and great instructor. ”

Hector Hernandez,Parent

“Dead Red is what my son has used for nearly three years now. I believe I was one of the first users of DRH. My son was 11 and hit with some pop then. Now he is 13 and hits the ball hard consistently.

DRH gave us a "foundation" to go back to when something doesn't feel right at the plate. We just pop open the program and get back to work 

DRH 2.0 Shows You:

The Exact Hitting Drills To Use Every Day To Reach Your Goals

Most hitters have the motivation to improve, but they simply don't know what they should be doing on a daily basis to improve and reach their goals.

Often times hitters take thousands of swings working on the wrong swing concepts and engraining terrible habits that are almost impossible to break at an older age.  It's critical to teach young hitters the right way to hit to make sure they don't struggle when the fields get bigger. 

The Exact Number Of Swings

Taking too many swings or taking too little number of swings can drastically impact the development rate of the hitter.

You've probably had this thought before....

"Should I have my son take 100 swings?  50 swings? 300 swings?"

?What's the right number of swings for my 8, 10, 14, or 17 year old son?"

In DRH 2.0 I tell your son the exact number of swings he should take on each drill to ensure they continually develop.

The Exact Information You Need To Develop a "Mental Edge" At The Plate

The physical development of the swing is a critical key to becoming the best hitter you can possibly become.

But as Yogi said - Baseball is 90% mental.  The other half is physical."

In DRH 2.0 your son will have a daily video or article to read that will help them develop the proper mental skills to step into the batter's box and be a fierce out. 

How To Teach Your Son Work Ethic, Discipline, And Accountability

DRH 2.0 will show your son exactly what it truly takes to reach their goal of becoming the best hitter they can possibly become.

Baseball is a sport that rewards intense work ethic, discipline, and accountability.  The daily practice plan e-mailed to your son will help him learn these skills - especially if he is in the age bracket where he's completely stopped listening to you. 

About the Instructor: Connor Powers

Connor Powers (pictured playing in The College World Series) is a former Division 1 Standout and professional baseball player turned hitting instructor.

During his senior year of high school he was named Player of The Year in Illinois and earned a scholarship to Mississippi State.  While at Mississippi State Connor started from the time he walked on campus.  He now ranks 4th in home runs behind players like Rafeal Palmeiro and Will Clark.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a recurring payment that I will be charged for every month until I cancel?

A: Yes, DRH 2.0 is a program that you will be charged for every month until you decide to cancel.  You can cancel your account at anytime.  No questions.  No hassles. 

Q: Is this suitable for my 9 year old or younger?

A: Yes, DRH 2.0 is personalized to the age and goal of the player.  That means that DRH 2.0 is great for every player of any age.

Q: Is swing analysis included in this program?

A: No, swing analysis is not included in this program.

Q: What equipment do I need for DRH 2.0?

A: You'll need baseballs, a tee, a net to hit into (or a field) and whiffle balls.

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