How to Hit the Baseball Hard More Consistently

The best hitters in the game hit the ball hard on a consistent basis. Hitting the ball hard every so often doesn’t make you a great hitter. Being able to consistently hit the ball hard at the heart of what makes a great hitter.

How to Hit the Baseball Hard More Consistently

Here’s a simple and easy drill you can use to help your child, hitters, or yourself improve consistency at the plate.

Tight to Back Shoulder Drill


To explain why and how this drill works I created another video using Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers to show proof that one of the best hitters in baseball stays tight to his back shoulder during his swing.

Tight to Back Shoulder Explained Using Cody Bellinger’s Swing:


Staying tight to the back shoulder is just one piece of what allows the hitter to hit the baseball hard on a consistent basis.

To me, there are no good hitters or bad hitters. There are trained hitters and untrained hitters.

Your goal should be to train the hitter to keep the barrel of the baseball bat in the hitting zone for as long as possible. The longer the hitter can keep the barrel of the baseball bat in the hitting zone then the more likely the hitter is to hit the ball dead square on the barrel creating hard contact.

Training the hitter to keep the barrel in the hitting zone longer starts and finishes with their mechanics.

I explain everything you need to know about swing mechanics in my ABC’s of The Elite Swing Program called “The ABC’s of The 5 Tool Hitter

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