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Many Hitters Increasing Bat Speed By 4-5 Miles Per Hour - Dead Red Hitting

Many Young Hitters Increasing Bat Speed By 4-5 Miles Per Hour

Written by Connor Powers, July 15, 2017

Many Young Are Told They Cannot Increase Bat Speed. This Is One Of The Biggest Misconceptions In Hitting.

The problem is that millions of young hitters have slow bat speed because they don't understand how to use their hips, core, & legs properly in their swing to generate explosive bat speed.   

It’s unfortunate to see so many talented players take lazy swings, lunge at the ball, and drag their bat through the hitting zone.  

Young players have a short window to fall in love with the game of baseball and many players decide to stop playing because they are embarrassed that they can't hit the ball out of the infield. 

No bat speed + no power = no fun.  When I think back to my Little League playing days I remember the thrill of absolutely smashing the ball and watching it fly off my bat and soar over the fence.  I was lucky to have been born with the intuitive ability to swing a bat.  Not every hitter is so lucky.  

What You Can Do To Increase Bat Speed

I want every player to fall in love with the game the same way that I did.  

There are many different options out there to that claim to increase bat speed.  Unfortunately most of the solutions on the market are gimmicky tools that don't actually work.  

I've found that the key to increasing bat speed is to train the hitter's bat speed generating muscles to be more explosive, engage the hips & core, and train the legs to be explosive throughout the swing.

The fastest way that I know how to help your son or daughter increase bat speed is to enroll you in my 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program.

Over 2,302 hitters have used The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program to help them understand how to increase their bat speed.

In case you're wondering...

"Is my son or daughter too young to use a training program like this?"

I've had players as young as 7 years old benefit from using The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program. 

About the Author Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Professional Baseball Player (Padres Organization 2010-2013) who has a passion for teaching others how reach their goals in the game of baseball. Since 2012 Coach Powers he has had his YouTube videos viewed over 3.3 Million times and has over 24,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His specialties are maximizing bat speed, improving batting average, and taking hitters from average to elite.

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