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Baseball Hitting Timing: The Front Foot Doesn’t Need To Get Down Early

In case you missed it, Robinson Cano hammered a 1-1 slider off Wade Davis in the 10th inning to put the AL team ahead 2-1.Here’s what you can take away from Cano’s Homer.1.  The Front Foot Doesn’t NEED To Be On The Ground at Release PointGetting the front foot down when the pitcher is at […]

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Simple Hitting Drill to Hit The Sweet Spot More

The most consistent hitters are the ones who can consistently strike the ball with the barrel of the bat.  Not exactly rocket science, right?The barrel of the baseball bat effectively acts like a trampoline compared to the rest of the bat (handle and end of the bat).Here’s a hitting drill that’s incredibly simple & will […]

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The Sudden Slump

“My Son Or Daughter Has Started To Slump Out Of No Where…” Hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult things to do in all of sports.Watching a hitter go from tearing the cover off the ball to practically being in tears is even more difficult.Roll-overs ground balls, weak fly balls, strikeouts, and a complete […]

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Is The Problem Timing or Mechanics?

The Slow Walk Back To The Dugout   When a hitter is struggling it’s incredibly frustrating. Weak roll overs, lazy fly balls, strikeouts… And worst of all… The meatball pitch that gets fouled straight back. After the meatball foul off the hitter, coach and parent are thinking… “That was the one.” The one that would […]

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Beating The Odds And Earning A D1 Scholarship

Coming into my freshmen year at Mississippi State I was virtually unheard of by teammates and fans. I was not a big time recruit.  Not even close. Big time recruits usually sign during the early signing period in November. I hadn’t signed my scholarship until 5 months later during April of my senior year of […]

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4 Hitting Drills You Can Use to Hit The Ball Harder

Many Young Hitters Across The United States Are Failing To Generate High Bat Speed For One Big Reason The truth is that most young hitters who struggle to generate bat speed are typically 2-3 swing tweaks away from adding an extra 4-5 MPH, in some cases 10 MPH, to their swing. Most hitters don’t intuitively […]

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3 Swing Fundamentals You Should Never Forget

  How to Start Building An Elite Swing I see so many young hitters struggle for one simple reason. They’ve never been taught the proper fundamentals of the elite level swing. They grow up constantly hearing coaches tell them to “swing down,” which more often than not creates a steep, choppy swing that actually pulls […]

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Stop Roll Over Ground Balls With This Hitting Drill

When a hitter is consistently hitting ground balls to the pull-side then they are creating an “around the ball” bat path. There can be many possible mechanical causes of getting around the ball  – loopy hand path, early hip rotation, poor direction, poor load, no enough separation, etc. This drill focuses on creating a more […]

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