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5 Steps To Increase Bat Speed And Power

There’s nothing like the joy you feel when the baseball explodes off your bat and soars into the sky.  Yep, exactly like that. On the flip side there’s nothing like the embarrassment you feel when you take a full swing and can’t even hit the ball past the outfielders.  No bat speed = no fun.Baseball isn’t […]

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Secret “Hands Inside The Ball” Baseball Hitting Drill

Adding Backspin To The Ball Means More Homers, Right? Wrong. More spin equals less distance to your best hit baseballs. Let me explain… If you were taught to “swing down” or to “add backspin” then you’re passing along incorrect information to your hitters. With the latest technology (Hit Trax) it’s been proven that you want […]

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How I Became Illinois Player of The Year in 2006 (best advice I’ve ever received)

“Powers – You’re nothing but a pretender.  You think you are a contender, but you’re not” Those are some of the most honest words I’ve ever heard from a coach. It was July of 2005 after my Junior year in high school. Back then your junior summer was your one “real shot” to get recruited by […]

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6 Exercises To Build An Explosive Baseball Swing (Video Series)

Get Instant Access to This 4 Week Bat Speed Program That Focuses On Lower Half Drive Many hitters lack bat speed because their bat speed muscles are not strong enough to produce high levels of bat speed. A hitter with no bat speed is like a soldier with no weapon.  They are just a sitting […]

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16 Mistakes Almost Every Hitter Makes During The Off-Season

Mistake #1 – Not Getting Enough Quality Cage Time Outside of Practice One of the most common questions I get is how many times the hitter should be hitting per week. For high school hitters I tell them to hit 4-5 times per week. For pre-high school hitters I recommend that they hit 2-3 days […]

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5 Bat Speed Destroying Mistakes Hitters Make During Their Load

The load is one of the most important parts of a high level baseball swing with serious bat speed. Hitter’s who don’t load properly will lose power, control of the barrel, and the lack of ability to drive the ball to all fields.Here are 5 common mistakes hitters of all ages (especially young hitters) make:1. […]

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3 Tips To Keep The Head As Still As Possible During The Baseball Swing

1.  Hold The Flex In The Back Knee During The Stride Holding the flex, or bend, in the back knee is a simple way to prevent the head from moving up and down during the stride.  When a hitter maintains the flex/bend in their back knee then their head will stay on the same plane […]

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4 Swing Flaws Every Hitter Should Avoid

Recently I had a parent e-mail me and explain he was sick of watching his son struggle at the plate. He knew that he his son had the talent to crush the baseball on a consistent basis but something just wasn’t clicking. About 1 in every 5 at bats he would hit the ball hard […]

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