The Slow Walk Back To The Dugout


When a hitter is struggling it’s incredibly frustrating.

Weak roll overs, lazy fly balls, strikeouts…

And worst of all…

The meatball pitch that gets fouled straight back.

After the meatball foul off the hitter, coach and parent are thinking…

“That was the one.”

The one that would have broken him out of the slump.

It’s a pitch that he (or she) should have hit very, very HARD.

What makes it worse is that everyone at the field knows it.


And after that happens the at-bat is like watching a horror movie.

You know something bad is about to happen.

You cringe watching the next pitch….

Inevitably it’s going to be a swing and miss on a pitch that’s not even close to being a strike.

Or a weak grounder, lazy fly, tapper back to the pitcher, etc.

Worst of all is watching the hitter walk back into the dugout with their head hanging and feeling completely defeated.

Here’s The Unfair Part

It’s now your job to figure out how to get your son or daughter back on track at the plate.

You’re not a full time hitting instructor and the coaches just seem to make the problem worse with each passing day.

When a hitter is struggling at the plate I’ve found the problem is a combination of timing and mechanics that leads to an extreme lack of confidence after failing over and over and over.

It’s key to focus on three areas when a hitter is struggling at the plate.

1.  Mechanics
2.  Timing
3.  Confidence

I put together all the drills, exercises, and mental tips I use to help hitters stop struggling at the plate and turn their season around.

It’s called The Elite Timing Program Package and over 1,000 parents, coaches, and players have turned to over the last 30 days.

Right now The Elite Timing Program Package includes The Elite Timing Program and my hitting mechanics program, and a pitch recognition program


The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you don’t make any adjustments then you’ll just keep getting the same results.

Stop the struggles and pick up your copy of The Elite Timing Program.

Plus, in addition to the 14 videos you’ll get access to these in-depth articles (including practice plans)

  • The Timing Test – Discover what type of timing best fits your hitter’s swing
  • Timing Markers – How to pinpoint exactly when the swing should start
  • My Son or Daughter is WAY out in front. How do I fix this?
  • My Son Or Daughter is Rolling Over. What Should I do?

I’m continuing to add even more in depth articles which you’ll get for free in the future.

The program works for players from ages 7-77, beginner to advanced, and for baseball & softball hitters.

Even if your son or daughter isn’t struggling with timing right now I still highly advise you to pick this up because let’s face it…

At one point they will be struggling with their timing and looking for answers.

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Keep Swinging,

Coach Powers

About the Author Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Professional Baseball Player (Padres Organization 2010-2013) who has a passion for teaching others how reach their goals in the game of baseball. Since 2012 Coach Powers he has had his YouTube videos viewed over 3.3 Million times and has over 24,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His specialties are maximizing bat speed, improving batting average, and taking hitters from average to elite.

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