Simple Hitting Drill to Hit The Sweet Spot More

The most consistent hitters are the ones who can consistently strike the ball with the barrel of the bat.  

Not exactly rocket science, right?

The barrel of the baseball bat effectively acts like a trampoline compared to the rest of the bat (handle and end of the bat).

Here's a hitting drill that's incredibly simple & will help hitters of all ages hit the ball on the barrel more consistently.

In fact, while I was playing at Mississippi State we used this exact drill before practice every single day. (seriously)

I'll explain why it works after the video.

The purpose of using this drill is two fold.  The first is to help the understand how to properly deliver the barrel of their bat to the hitting zone.  

Second, this drill also teaches the hitter how to keep the bat in the hitting zone for a long period of time.  The longer the barrel is in the hitting zone then the more likely the hitter is to make solid contact on the barrel. 

Keeping the barrel in the hitting zone is one of the backbones of my hitting mechanics program.

Drill Instructions 

With this drill I give very little instruction.  

I just tell the hitter to throw the bat as hard as they can right back at the pitcher.

The drill does the rest.

When the hitter does not deliver and keep the barrel of the bat in the hitting zone correctly it's very clear.


The hitter will watch the bat fly SS/3B (the pull side for right handed hitters) when they meant to throw it over the pitcher's mound.

If a left handed hitter does this the wrong way then the bat will fly to the 2B/1B side 

And when the bat goes flying in the wrong direction something magical happens. 

That's right... the lightbulb moment.

The visual of their bat flying through the air completely off target seems to connect the dots pretty quickly.

Why This Drill Works

Proper mechanics are being ingrained into the hitter's swing when they execute the drill properly.  When the drill isn't executed properly it's very clear.

In other words, when you use this drill you know, without a doubt, if the hitter is taking a good swing or a bad swing. There is no grey area.

The only way the hitter can throw the bat in a straight line over 2B is to properly deliver the barrel of the bat efficiently & keep the barrel in the hitting zone for as long as possible.  

This is one of the most fool-proof hitting drills I've ever used.  

The only way to "beat" this drill is if the hitter backs off with their effort level.  In other words, if the hitter isn't throwing the bat as hard as they can then they can manipulate the release of the bat to go over the pitcher's mound.

The idea is for the hitter to throw the bat as hard as they can and release the bat once they get to the proper extension position. (pictured below)

Don't Use This Drill Without Reading This First

When I use this drill I make sure that I keep other players & any breakable objects out of harm's way.

I enforce the 150 foot bubble rule.

Here's what I mean.

The first time I used this drill I was a junior at Mississippi State and only a few months away from being selected in the MLB Draft.

In my first rep I released the bat too late and threw the bat over the 3B dugout.  It's a simple drill, but the first few times you use it can be dangerous.  Be sure to keep any other people out of harm's way.

More Bat Speed = More Fun

Hitting is way more fun when you have more bat speed.  There's absolutely nothing like watching the baseball fly off the bat and soar over the fence.  

That feeling was one of the big reasons why I fell in love with the game at such an early age. 

And it's also the same reason why I made The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program.  I want more hitter's to know what it's like to absolutely smash the baseball.

If you're interested in learning how to add more bat speed to your son or daughter's swing be sure to check out The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program before you go.

About the Author Connor Powers

Connor Powers is a former Professional Baseball Player (Padres Organization 2010-2013) who has a passion for teaching others how reach their goals in the game of baseball. Since 2012 Coach Powers he has had his YouTube videos viewed over 3.3 Million times and has over 24,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His specialties are maximizing bat speed, improving batting average, and taking hitters from average to elite.

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